High Pressures Adjustable Nozzle

High pressure adjustable nozzle can elevate the working efficiency, enhance accuracy of product, protect the service life of cutting tools, curtail working hours, and lower cost that makes it an efficient instrument to enhance the competitiveness.
  1. It's specially-designed mechanical structure can bring out an adjustable angle featuring 360° gyration after the oblique 35° angle, thus helping adjust a wide injection range.
  2. A choice of quality material along with accurate assembly to develop the greatest function of high pressure adjustable nozzle.
  3. The compression resistance to be at 30 kg/cm.
  4. A wide range of adjustable angle, an easy adjustment.
  5. Steady and accurate positioning with no spring-back.
  6. Applied to the spraying, cooling system and ejector system of each type of machine.


The injection direction forms one angle with the fixed direction and is applied widely to deviated spraying cooling system, such as turret of the CNC lathe. (PATENT CERTIFICATE )


The injection direction is paralleled to the fixed direction and is widely applied to variety of CNC machining center, grinding machine, and each machining tool.


The injection direction is paralleled to the fixed diretion, but the fixed direction uses the close fit for a mount and is applied to each CNC system.
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