About Us

It is our great pleasure introducing JETON R/D & MFG. INC. This is a company has more than 10 year's extensive experiences in the field of Injection Industrial and we major manufacture and market JETON ADJUSTABLE COOLANT HOSE, DOLL ARMATURE and DOLL EYES. JETON is one of the leading manufacturers in INJECTION INDUSTRIAL from 1983 especially in ADJUSTABLE COOLANT HOSE for Machine tools.

In 1989, we use the reason of COOLANT HOSE to develop the product for Doll in ARMATURE that could be put into the stuff toys or ceramic doll, soft body and so on. It's made the toy to be looked life-like very much. In 1994, we extend the range of toy's accessory with great varities. In 1996, we use the modern techniques to combine and develop with flexible structuring parts for applications. The procedures we use the IC CHIP, Motor, wire and so on. As above mentioned, all of our products have patent in Taiwan, China, USA, UK, and Germany.

Last year (1999), our office and doll of factory were be districted by an earthquake on September 21. We had rebuilt our office and factory completely after six months. We rename JETON R/D & MFG. INC.( Original: HONG CHYE INDUSTIAL CO., LTD.) and hope you to support us in the future.