Vacuum Flex Tube

This 2-1/2" vacuum flex tube is designed specifically for vacuum systems, and can be used for vacuuming dust, smoke, and particles. The tube's angle can be conveniently adjusted to reach every place within a work area. Length can also be adjusted to meet work needs.

Several types of connectors and nozzles are also available, allowing users to select the most suitable setup. This 2-1/2" vacuum tube can be connected to a 3" PVC drainage pipe, 3" metal pipe, or a portable vacuum cleaner.
  1. The tube can be rotated 360˚; angle is easily adjusted. Can be attached in an ideal working location.
  2. Durable, compression-resistant, wear-resistant.
  3. Made using superior plastic material; resistant to most chemicals.
  4. Bending radius is approximately 145 mm.

Temperature Specifications

  1. Melting point: 165° C
  2. Maximum use temperature: 65° C


  1. These vacuum flex tubes are made from plastic material. This material is highly flammable and must be kept away from sources of flame in order to prevent fire.
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